With account managers in 23 states, we have the appropriate number of Channel Focused reps to get the job done right. Meet the Maschmedt & Associates team that’s dedicated to taking your brand to new heights.


Whether you are a large, industry leading brand, or a small startup, everyone needs sales. Not all sales forces are created equal however. Maschmedt & Associates provides a dedicated team of road warriors with a passion and expertise for the products they sell. Our relationships span 50 years working with Chain stores, independent dealers, distributors and Ecommerce customers representing a who’s, who of industry leading brands.



Maschmedt & Associates has well established, long-term relationships with decision makers in your region. Our team includes management experts at chain stores, distributors, buy groups, e-commerce, and independent dealers.

Event Marketing

We know how to create an event and/or promotion that not only builds brand awareness but also drives sales. We’ve tried just about every promotion imaginable, so we know the ones that work and those that don’t.

Account Management

Our team is active in forecasting, order processing, shipment and backorder status, ad planning, return authorizations, warranty and repair, item setup, and much more. We take care of the work after you make a sale!


We all know signage, rebate pads, merchandise fixtures and point of sale materials are costly. If they aren’t executed at the store level, then it’s a bad investment. Maschmedt & Associates has the right people to ensure your materials are properly displayed throughout our retail partners.


Consumers have a number of brands to choose from when they’re making a purchase. If retailers are suggesting competing brands, then you’ve lost the battle. We take pride in training retailers on your products so they can be confident recommending them to consumers.

We’re always thinking of ways to enhance exposure to our clients’ brands. Whether it’s a buyer visiting one of our two sample showrooms, our us bringing our mobile showrooms to them, we know how to get your brand in front of the appropriate people.

Trade Shows

Maschmedt & Associates represents your brand at numerous trade shows throughout the year. These include distributor shows, buying groups, consumer shows and national trade shows. Our reps ensure your booth is set up correctly and staffed appropriately.


At Maschmedt & Associates, we believe strongly in the brands we represent and our ability to sell them. We are committed to “winning the retail battle,” which means the consumer chooses your products when making a purchase. Contact us to see how we can help you!


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